RH | Why not Reuse an old Metal Tool Box as a ….

(Re)defining trash because it isn’t out of the loop until it’s in the landfill.

Who says your old  metal tool box needs to stay out in the garage?

Just because it is proudly displays a ‘Craftsman’ or ‘Stanley’ logo instead of an ‘Ethan Allen’ or ‘Thomasville’ brand name shouldn’t automatically relegate it to the shop or workplace, at least not after you’ve read through this post.

Metal tool chests or boxes are extremely industrious & hard working both inside the shop and out.  Sleek, shiny and  durable they offer tremendous storage solutions and look cool doing it!

Just take a look at a few of the creative ways people have used REpurposed  them.

REpurposed | Into a Sink Cabinet


Photo via: www.houzz.com

I love the idea of repurposing an old metal tool chest into a bathroom sink cabinet – wouldn’t this be perfect in a shop, basement or maybe even a man-cave. (This one looks new but I think with some serious clean-up you could reuse an old one).

I really, really like this idea.

REpurposed | into a Kitchen Island

Okay, now I’m seriously in love – isn’t this amazing!

I love everything about this kitchen island which has been made out of a several tool chests.  Again, I believe this one was made out of new tool chests but I think with some scrubbing, cleaning and painting you could just as easily REpurpose some old ones

REpurposed | Into an Art Box

Here is another clever idea for REpurposing an old metal tool box – turning it into a paint box. I am crazy about the bright yellow box – who wouldn’t love to have this in their art studio?  This would be a great storage options in so many different rooms of the house.

I also think this would make an awesome gift for someone that likes quirky one-of-a-kind pieces.  Imagine one filled with brushes and markers for the artist you know, or how about a rusty old green one full of pruners, trowels and seeds for the gardener in your life OR, my personal favorite – an old red tool box full of BBQ tools for the Dad or brother in your life who is into fixing cars, woodworking or just tinkering.  Fun!

REpurposed | Into a Lego Chest


Photo via: Raisin’4

Lego Alert!

Genius idea for storing your lego collection.  The amount of degreasing, cleaning and sanding you would need to put into REpurposing an old tool box would depend on it’s condition but I think it would be more than worth it in  the end.

I love this idea for keeping Lego organized in the house but I think you’d need a smaller lighter version for packing some off to Grandma’s house, vacation or over to a friends.

REpurposed | Into a Portable BBQ

Here’s an interesting idea – make a portable BBQ out of an old metal tool box.  For a great tutorial click here: Instructables.com

REpurposed | Into Garden Planters

And last but not least what do you think of these REpurposed metal tool box garden planters.  


Thanks for visiting & keeping it in the loop
And, as always, Thank-you to all the creative geniuses out there who so generously share their great ideas.


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